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Leverage the Marketing Power of Social Media, Without Making It Your Life’s Work

Whether your company sells car parts, cogs or real estate, you are likely looking for ways to promote your business online. With a Custom Solution from TweetLister, you can market your business every day on Twitter and Facebook – without even thinking about it!

A TweetLister Custom Solution tool works with your business database, turning your marketing information into information-packed, sales-oriented Tweets and Facebook postings, and posts them to one or more of your Twitter and Facebook accounts on a scheduled basis.

No Fuss. No Muss. No Wasted Time.

We take a custom feed of your data. Automatically.

We turn it
into Social Media Posts.

Posts link to
your website.
You're doing business....

Experience and Know-How in Social Media Marketing.
An Effective, Common-Sense Approach to Making it Work for SMB’s.

At TweetLister, we’ve been automatically turning information into Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media posts for more than two years. We began working in a single vertical market, providing a tool for real estate brokers and agents – a simple and elegant process that took listing information, and created information-packed social media posts. Our posts contain keywords that both sales prospects and search engines use to find you online, as well as links to either custom landing pages or to links that you specify.

With TweetLister Custom Solutions, we are bringing the concept of automatically generated, keyword-packed tweeting and posting to all types of small- and medium-sized businesses. We listen to your marketing needs, create a format and formula for turning your company’s specific sales information into social media posts, and we set it in motion. You will be automatically posting in no time, reaping the benefits of social media marketing without spending all your time doing it.

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